Uniting Healthcare

for Digital Inclusion

Since the beginnings of organized healthcare there have been inequities in care access and delivery. In a world that’s increasingly reliant on broadband and digital, the risk of inaction on health equity is perhaps higher than at any other time in human history.

Today, we have the technology to visualize and deeply understand the roots of health injustice—and do something about it.

What is Techquity?

Techquity is the design and deployment of technology to promote equity, and encompasses an understanding that technology can perpetuate bias and discrimination without intentional effort to avoid it.

Techquity @ ViVE

Join us for the Techquity Track at ViVE! Brought to you by the HLTH Foundation and CHIME, the techquity agenda will explore technology as a tool for achieving health equity, with sessions covering inclusive innovation, tech-enabled programs improving care for marginalized people, as well as cautions and best practices for digital health.

Research Partnership

Ipsos and the HLTH Foundation are conducting research to uncover barriers to achieving techquity, reveal current industry efforts, establish priorities for collaboration, and highlight the digital health experiences of marginalized patients. We aim to spark industry action.

Be Informed

Research findings will be unveiled in a session on the Techquity Track at ViVE, as well as in a white paper and video ethnography of patients, and future research is anticipated.

National Benchmark Survey

The techquity partners will conduct a national survey to benchmark industry awareness, investment and action on techquity, with intent to follow up annually. We are seeking founding sponsors for a 2022 launch, with findings to be presented at ViVE 2023.

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