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Health on Repeat

Earning Consumer Loyalty

Currently, two-thirds of healthcare consumers expect a retail-level experience with each medical encounter making consumerism a top change agent sought by purchasers. However, only 7% of payers and providers have a well-designed roadmap to achieving consumer-centricity. Let’s examine the variety of healthcare consumer segments, evaluate industry constraints, and share proven and emerging opportunities to infuse consumerism into healthcare delivery.

That’s so Meta

Delivering Virtual Care With Intention

Imagine the next generation of virtual care being delivered through the metaverse: moving patients beyond simple Internet browsing and engagement to inhabiting a virtual space and sharing experiences to address clinical and behavioral health remotely. Representing a $247 billion prospect, 20% of all Medicare, Medicaid, and private coverage ambulatory spending is virtual-care worthy. Discover expansion opportunities in virtual care, telehealth, and tele-mental services, as session experts reveal scalable models and real-world opportunities to improve outcomes, increase engagement, and manage chronic conditions.


Your Data is Hacked

"Attention user: Your network has been breached and all data was downloaded and encrypted. To decrypt and prevent leakage at our website in mass media, you will need to purchase our decryption software." Messages like these are worse than the "blue screen of death." Cybersecurity and governance struggles in healthcare are real. An estimated 1.3 billion different medical devices will be connected to health delivery organizations by 2030. As of midpoint this year, the HHS Office for Civil Rights had posted 420 breaches impacting 25 million individuals. Legislation and policy are being created to address unprecedented technology, process, and geopolitical risks. Modern-day cyber threats have met their match!

Homeward Bound

A Seismic Shift in Care Delivery

"Home sweet home." 70% of Americans are comfortable receiving clinical care in the home, and there’s an estimated $256 billion in Medicare services alone that could shift homeward. Care at home presents a major opportunity for all stakeholders. Let’s explore the digital health topography through the lens of home convenience, consumerism, innovative technologies, and emerging care models. Examine re-engineered workflows addressing diagnostics, self-care, hospital-at-home, and end-of-life using care management, social support, and tools such as remote patient monitoring to achieve financial and clinical outcomes that stand to benefit payers, providers, developers, investors, and patients.

Drafting the A-Team

Talent, Retention, and Development

The next five years will be crucial in shaping the health IT workforce at your organization. At the intersection of the “Great Resignation,” shifting dynamics of hybrid-work arrangements, need for technical expertise, burnout, healthcare digitization, and overall staffing shortages, healthcare organizations will need to attract, retain, and develop top talent or suffer the never-ending grind under a health system attrition millstone. In addition to spotlighting leadership competencies required for future success, this track will feature insights, innovations, and solutions to cultivating committed, high-performing teams for your organization.

*This is a CHIME track, programmed speakers from CHIME provider members and CHIME Foundation members only - sessions are open to all ViVE2023 attendees.

Hurricane Data

It’s Raining Analytics, AI, and Precision Medicine

On average, humans produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, and experts are predicting the global analytics market size will reach a remarkable $105.7 billion by 2030. Advances in data-wrangling techniques, artificial intelligence, and the IoT promise a future that may include artificial patients, synthetic analysis, portable diagnostic devices, and augmented reality in surgery. Let’s highlight top trends in data capture-normalizing modeling, analytics, artificial intelligence, and insights using stepped up data to solve such problems as worker fatigue and real-time clinical trials, as well as innovate precision medicine and the patient experience.

AI Showcase

Going the Distance

Join our ViVE AI Showcase featuring the latest advancements in AI technology! Cutting-edge AI systems are driving innovation and transforming the health industry as we know it. From computer vision and natural language processing, to generative models and reinforcement learning, these presentations will give you a comprehensive overview of the latest AI use cases in health. Our experts will demonstrate how these technologies can be applied in real-world scenarios, and how they can help solve some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today. Get an inside look at the future of AI!

Roses and Thorns

Blossoming Health Tech Investments

Digital health has successfully captured investors’ attention with record breaking funding rounds, unicorns galore and impressive exits marking the last decade. Despite the declines seen from 2022, investments remain 27% higher than pre-COVID rates. Funds may not be flowing as freely as they were, but there are still wise bets to be made in budding health tech organizations. Let’s put the boom times behind us and get honest about the financial reality and economic landscape of today. Join investors from across the ecosystem to explore key developments, strategies, and factors that will impact a return to a frothy market.

Human Source Code

Creating, Moving, Consuming, and Acting on Human Data

Healthcare has long awaited radically interoperable data, allowing for tailor-made specifications to everyone’s needs and preferences. Interoperability is moving fast, and with it the emergence of standards, regulations, the need for governance, and a plethora of use cases. To not get whiplash, current-state capabilities, limitations, and resources should be honestly assessed. Additionally, let’s address variable data sources such as wearables and natural language processing, future use case application for community-level population health insights, and how to rebuild healthcare and re-imaging the actors both old and new.

Sticker Shock

Managing the Condition of Chronic Costs

How much is your health worth? How much would or should you pay for a life-saving medication? Even though healthcare represents 36% of the total household expenditures, the answer is more than simple dollars and cents. Investigate the drivers of cost and examine the value of healthcare through the eyes of the payers, providers, and patients. Measures and data continue to evolve as administrative claims and clinical data converge. With over 60% of third-party payments being adjusted for measurable worth, value is everybody’s business!

The Only Constant is Change

Technology Cohesiveness and Efficiency

Healthcare is complex, and that complexity is ever-present in health IT. With hospitals running anywhere from 30 to 8,000 disparate systems depending on organizational size and scope – all producing information – orchestrating harmony of process, operations, and data takes more than an isolated tech upgrade. Marrying the sheer number of systems and devices with the progression of AI, 5G, IoT, virtual care models, mobile computing, genomics, digitization, and the advancing world of medicine, modernizing health IT becomes a Herculean feat. Let’s address transformational health IT approaches from stem to stern, crossing all boundaries of leadership, technology, and people.

*This is a CHIME track, programmed speakers from CHIME provider members and CHIME Foundation members only - sessions are open to all ViVE2023 attendees.

Mind the Gap

Getting Real about Access to Health

Experts predict the U.S. will be short 122,000 physicians by 2032, a particularly acute problem for health professional shortage areas. Deep disparities, accounting for an annual 60,000 in excess deaths each year, become thornier for people living in rural communities and/or part of underrepresented populations. Care deserts exist in urban centers as well, where uninsured and Medicaid populations make financial viability a barrier to provider sustainability. How can we shift these tides? Join us to discuss data-driven insights, state and federal policies inflight, culturally tailored service design, and technology opportunities to increase accessibility to healthcare for all.

Justice League

Techquity as the Solution to an Unintended Future

Misinformation and lack of information drive more than fake news; they’re also responsible for creating disparities and inequities in healthcare. As healthcare marches toward full digitization, taking care to design and deploy technology to advance health equity– known as techquity–will be key to avoiding an unintended future in which access to quality care and innovative tools is relegated to a small group of elites. The HLTH Foundation will convene health’s justice league, the industry’s techquity leaders, to talk about how they’re supporting equitable access to digital data and tools, as well as promoting algorithmic equity, health and tech literacy, trust, and representative innovation. Join us in the Impact Pavilion on the show floor.

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