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ViVE’s Hosted Buyer Program is a curated matchmaking program of health buyers and solution providers to facilitate highly efficient connections for real business interactions,creating the highest-value return in 15-minute, 1:1 meetings.

The Hosted Buyer Program is based on double opt-in matchmaking where participants set up their own meetings by sending and accepting meeting requests within the platform. The AI matchmaking platform offers a more personalized experience to help schedule meetings before the event by empowering participants with intelligent recommendations to choose whom they wish to meet.

Program Schedule:

The Hosted Buyer meetings will take place in the dedicated Hosted Buyer Lounge right on the Show Floor during following program time slots:

*Times are subject to change

  • Monday, March 27 from 10am-1pm and 2-5 pm CT

  • Tuesday, March 28 from 10am-1pm and 2-5 pm CT

When the platform launches at the beginning of March, participants will be able to manage their availability within the dedicated program times by indicating specific time slots in the matchmaking platform schedule they are able to participate in a potential buyer meeting.

Program Timeline:

*Dates are subject to change

  1. February 24: Designate a ‘Hosted Buyer Administrator’

  2. March 1: Last day to purchase meetings

  3. March 2: Hosted Buyer Platform launches

  4. March 2 - March 24: Schedule your 1:1 meetings

  5. March 24: Meeting schedules are finalized

  6. March 27 and 28: Live networking!

Sponsor Onboarding:

Sponsors will receive access to the ViVE Onboarding Portal to submit important deliverables. The information collected (ie. company description, product categories, etc.) will be used to create your company’s matchmaking profile on the Hosted Buyer Platform to help participating buyers decide if they want to meet with your company as part of the program.

In the Sponsor Onboarding Portal, there is also a task to designate your company’s Hosted Buyer Admin, no later than Friday, February 24th, 2023, in order to create a matchmaking profile and receive access to the Hosted Buyer Platform.

Designate a Hoted Buyer Administrator:

Each sponsoring company who has purchased a meeting package to participate in the Hosted Buyer Program must designate at least one ‘Hosted Buyer Administrator’ to receive program communications/reminders, platform access and schedule/manage their company’s buyer meetings.

Companies purchasing 20 or more meetings can designate two Hosted Buyer Admins and companies purchasing 30 meetings can designate a maximum of three Hosted Buyer Admins to help split up meetings for the company. If a company designates more than one Admin, the Admins’ separate matchmaking profiles in the platform will split the shared number of meetings purchased by the company, and all of the Admin profiles will have independent visibility. Regardless of who is assigned as the Hosted Buyer Admin, all participating sponsors can have any registered attendee from their company take a pre-scheduled buyer meeting onsite.

ViVE recommends designating a senior level sales leader to take the meetings onsite. This way, the sales leader has their personal meeting schedule within the ViVE event app and maintains full control of their matchmaking experience. If a sales leader needs assistance managing their meeting schedule, ViVE suggests sharing the Hosted Buyer Admin’s unique login details to help manage the schedule on the platform by sending/accepting meeting requests.

Alternatively, if a company prefers to designate a marketing rep as the Hosted Buyer Admin, that individual will be responsible for scheduling and assigning meetings to their sales leaders respectively. In this scenario, the Admin is not required to register for ViVE if they are not planning to attend the event onsite, but they will be responsible for managing all activity in the platform.

Important: Hosted Buyer Admins attending ViVE and taking meetings onsite are required to register for the event at with paid or complimentary passes included with their sponsorship.

Should your Hosted Buyer Admin change (swap out person A for person B), please notify the ViVE team ASAP by emailing Please note, any meeting requests that have been sent/received/confirmed previously, will be lost from the system if you swap one rep for another. We strongly discourage this practice unless it is prior to any activity taking place in the platform or absolutely necessary.

How to Access the Platform:

The Hosted Buyer Platform runs on a separate matchmaking platform which is integrated with the ViVE event app. The matchmaking platform will launch at the beginning of March- at which time participants will have approximately 3 weeks to schedule buyer meetings prior to the event. The designated Hosted Buyer Admin will receive an invite email with log-in credentials to gain exclusive access to the Hosted Buyer Platform. The Admin will have the ability to view participating buyers and schedule meetings by sending and accepting meeting requests on behalf of the company. This double opt-in process allows participants to maximize precious time at ViVE with mutually agreed-upon, valuable 15-minute 1:1 meetings.

How to Set Meeting Availability:

Before exploring the platform, it is important to indicate your availability in the ‘time availability’ tab within the ‘my schedule’ module prior to sending meeting requests. This will ensure that all your meetings are scheduled within your available time frame. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to save your time availability. Please keep in mind, the platform automatically defaults to Nashville local time which is Central Time.

How to Schedule Meetings:

Based on prior data collected, a list of qualified and vetted buyers is ranked in order of relevance to you. The list contains information about each buyer, including their name, job title and company. In addition to your suggested matches, you can search by keyword (similar to a Google search) or filter profiles by company type, job role and/or areas of interest. You can also ‘expand profile’ for more information.

The platform is double opt-in and anti-spam, meaning both parties have to agree for a meeting to be confirmed. Simply click ‘meet’ on a buyer profile to initiate a request. If the buyer accepts, they will choose a mutually available time to book the meeting. After the meeting has been scheduled successfully, both parties will receive a confirmation email. ​You do not need to send any reminders or calendar invites to those buyers with whom you already have meetings confirmed, the platform will automatically send an email with the meeting information as well as daily reminders during the event days of all meetings.

Participants will be able to choose the preferred meeting type when sending a request to meet in-person at the event or meet virtually via video on the matchmaking platform. If a buyer is participating digitally, then there is only the option to schedule a video meeting. All video meetings are hosted within the matchmaking platform and are designed to be private and highly secure with all information and access being encrypted. The majority of buyer meetings take place onsite with approximately 7% of meetings taking place virtually on the platform.

There is no limit to the number of Buyers you can request. Since the buyers you request must also agree to meet with your company, the more requests you send, the more likely you will fulfill the meetings purchased. Though not guaranteed, ViVE encourages sending a minimum of 2-3 times the total number of meetings your company has purchased. There are many variables to consider in the process, such as the number of buyers who accept your meeting requests, your target customers participating in the program, common areas of interest, mutual match, etc. Buyers can also request a meeting with your company, resulting in incoming pending requests. Any meeting requests you accept or any meeting requests you send that get accepted, will count towards your meeting credits. You are not obligated to accept inbound meeting requests if the buyer isn’t a fit and may decline the meeting invitation.

Since Hosted Buyer meetings are likely shared across the company, please be sure to involve your teammates, especially additional Hosted Buyer Admins, in sending and accepting meeting requests. Also, be sure to add a personal message when sending a request to encourage buyers to meet with you.

How to Finalize Meetings:

Once the meetings are scheduled, the Hosted Buyer Admin will have the ability to choose their preferred calendar in the matchmaking platform to sync their company’s meeting schedule. Click on "My Schedule" and then 'Sync Calendar". Click the "Edit" button on Sync Calendar. Click on Google, Outlook or Directly download to your mobile device. Click "Save". Once synced, any changes to your schedule will be automatically updated.

The Hosted Buyer Platform will remain open through March 28th should you need to modify your schedule at any time. Onsite Meetings take place at designated table numbers in the dedicated Hosted Buyer Lounge on the Show Floor.

The ViVE team sends program reminders to all participating buyers leading up to the event. There is no need to send any reminders or calendar invites to those buyers with whom you already have meetings confirmed, the platform will automatically send them an email with the meeting information as well as daily reminders of all meetings each day.

How to Obtain Buyer Contact Information:

To be compliant with security/privacy laws and guidelines, we do not provide the contact details for participating Hosted Buyers. We bring together both buyers and sponsors as a 1:1 networking opportunity for both sides to vet each other and gauge potential synergies. Should there be a mutual desire to chat again in the future, the goal for these meetings for both sides is to secure contact information and another meeting. In some cases, either or both sides may not want to meet again, so we encourage both sides to exchange contact info over the chat on the platform or during their meeting itself. In-app messaging is only available for meetings that have been confirmed. Once logged in, on the upper right hand corner, click the ‘chat bubble’ icon. You may communicate with the other party via the messaging function within the app.

How to Purchase Additional Meetings:

Regardless of the total number of meeting requests received, you will not be able to schedule more than the number of meetings purchased. Once your Hosted Buyer meeting schedule is at capacity, the system will still allow you to receive more requests from buyers, but you will not be able to accept any additional requests once your max number of meetings has been reached. If your company schedule is full and a buyer tries to accept a meeting request, the system will indicate that your schedule is full and the meeting cannot be confirmed. You may purchase additional meetings until March 1st (if available) by emailing

Hosted Buyer meeting schedules must be finalized by March 24th and live meetings start on Monday, March 27th at ViVE.

Onsite Process and Meeting Guidelines:

All meeting reps are encouraged to conduct themselves reasonably and professionally and comply with ViVE’s Hosted Program Guidelines:

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your onsite meeting. At the start time of your meeting, there is no need to check-in, you may proceed directly to your assigned table.

  • If you happen to have a video meeting scheduled with a virtual buyer, there is a dedicated virtual meeting space in the Hosted Buyer Lounge. Please bring your device (laptop, tablet or phone) and headphones, and we will provide a nice quiet place to take that video meeting within the meeting lounge onsite.

  • Buyers must agree to a 15 minute meeting with your company.

    • We will silently check-in each meeting taking place and track ‘no-shows’ if someone has not arrived after 5 minutes of the start time.

  • Buyers may not have prior knowledge of your company or your products so we encourage you to prepare in advance and suggest the following items for consideration:

    • Communicate and customize your value proposition

    • Prepare any decks or pitches you would like to share during the meeting

    • Indicate to the Buyer whether your company has had any prior discussions

    • Send any relevant materials or contact information you would like to share

    • Leave time for questions

    • End the meeting with specific requests relating to next steps, and remember to exchange contact information

  • Information about Buyers in the matchmaking platform is confidential and should not be 1) shared outside of your organization 2) downloaded (including screenshots and spreadsheets) or 3) used in any way or for any purpose other than as specifically described in our instructions for the Hosted Buyer Program. Anyone breaching this provision may be eliminated from the program with no refund and will be ineligible for participation in the program in future years.

    • You are not permitted to reach out to these individuals outside of the program based on their indicated interest in the Hosted Buyer Program.

  • If any Buyer with whom you are scheduled to meet withdraws from the program, we will make every effort to replace the meeting as follows:

    • Our Hosted Buyer Concierge will reach out to assist you in replacing your meeting with another Buyer from a previous mutual match (if available). You will receive an email regarding the cancellation and the potential new meeting.

    • If we are unable to replace the canceled meeting, we will send you an email asking you to log back into the matchmaking platform to fulfill your canceled meeting with another buyer by either accepting a pending request or sending additional meeting requests to potential buyers.

    • If we were unable to replace a canceled meeting, you may be eligible for meeting credits towards a future event.

Meeting Credit Policy:

Since meetings are based on a double opt-in model and depend on calendar availability, we cannot guarantee that all of the meetings purchased will be scheduled. Sponsors should make every effort possible to schedule their number of allotted meetings by engaging in the matchmaking platform by sending 2-3x as many requests as meetings purchased beginning when the program launches and continuing in the weeks and days leading up to ViVE.

For any unfulfilled meetings, we normally provide credits towards a future event during the post-event reconciliation process. Credit transfers are at the discretion of ViVE and these decisions will be based partially on activity in the platform. Sponsors who designate their Hosted Buyer Admin late, after March 1, 2023, will not be eligible for credit transfers. Additionally, credit transfers will not be considered for contracts entered into after March 2, 2023.

Please email within the 30 day window after the ViVE event for any credit transfer requests. ViVE will not process requests after April 28, 2023.

Provide Feedback:

After the conclusion of ViVE, sponsors will be asked to provide feedback on their experience in the platform and for each individual meeting. Buyers will be asked to provide feedback on their meetings as well.

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