Wednesday, Dec 13, 2023 | 12:00 AM ET

InteropNow! S2 E11: CommonWell Health Alliance Powered by ELLKAY

In today’s episode of the InteropNow! Podcast, host Sandy Vance talks to GP Singh and Lauren Cooke from ELLKAY and Paul Wilder from the CommonWell Health Alliance as they discuss CommonWell’s infrastructure transition to the ELLKAY platform in preparation to become a Qualified Health Information Network in early 2024.

CommonWell serves over 34,000 healthcare service providers and aims to create new value added services around the payer provider network. Listen in to hear about the problems they will solve for members, how they have ensured a seamless transition, and when CommonWell members can expect to be migrated onto the CommonWell 2.0 platform powered by ELLKAY.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit the CommonWell Health Alliance website to learn more about their mission and services.
  • Explore ELLKAY’s interoperability platform to see how it can improve data exchange in the healthcare industry.
  • Get updated on the progress of CommonWell transition to the ELLKAY platform and the implementation of TEFCA.
  • Consider becoming a member of CommonWell to access their vendor-neutral platform for effective healthcare data exchange.


Gurpreet SinghVice President of Interoperability Solutions, ELLKAY

Lauren CookeDirector, Interoperability Strategy, Ellkay

Paul WilderExecutive Director, CommonWell Health Alliance

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