Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022 | 12:00 AM ET

Voices S1 Ep8: The Future of Value-Based Care at Retail Pharmacies—featuring Rani Khetarpal

How do you optimize the outcome for a patient who has chronic kidney disease? By treating them as a whole person.

Rani Khetarpal is Head of Value-Based Care Partnerships at CVS Health, where she leads the build and execution of innovative alternative payment models and risk arrangements. While she encompasses a diverse array of experience within the healthcare ecosystem, Rani’s area of expertise lies in designing and delivering patient-centric, outcomes-driven models that align provider and payer.

On this episode of Live at ViVE, Rani joins hosts Dr. Jessica Shepherd, Dr. Gautam Gulati, and Dr. Jordan Shlain to discuss kidney care models that look at the patient holistically—as a patient and a person.

Listen as Rani shares how CVS is using brand recognition and its geographical footprint to reach patients where they are. They explore how CVS Health is partnering with provider care teams to change the narrative and provide value-based care that is quality-, cost-, and patient-centered.

Topics Covered

  • The psychosocial barriers, comorbidities, and other factors that contribute to the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  • How CVS is working to challenge the true cost of care by focusing on the desired outcomes and then working backward
  • How value-based care is shifting the focus to preventing disease instead of treating patients
  • Where Rani thinks the greatest use of digital technology is happening right now
  • How CVS is using provider-based care teams to create individualized treatment models
  • How CVS is changing the value-based care narrative to better meet patients' needs


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