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Provider Connect

Attend ViVE 2024 with a complimentary ticket

Provider Connect helps hospital and health system executives responsible for decision making and influencingexplore solutions and services offered by Sponsor companies aimed at addressing various issues across the healthcare technology ecosystem.  

Open to senior hospital and health system leaders, Provider Connect brings together key stakeholders in digital health and information technology with the solutions needed to help advance care delivery and the business of healthcare at their respective organizations.  

✓ Designed to link senior decision makers, like you, seamlessly with executives from Sponsor companies offering the most relevant and innovative industry solutions and services.

✓ Streamlined pre-scheduled meeting format: a series of eight or more one-to-one, 15-minute meetings with Sponsor executives that ensure your time is spent on what truly matters to you and your organization.

✓ Forge connections with Connect Sponsors that will help you solve problems and meet key organizational goals. Learn what’s out there and be a hero back at home!  

✓ Overachiever?  Hold 12 or more meetings with Sponsor companies and elevate to Platinum Status and receive a $750 travel stipend.

For Providers

For Sponsors

Who is eligible for ViVE Provider Connect?

Senior-level hospital and health system executives (director-level and above) who are key influencers and decision makers in their organization’s digital transformation journey including but not limited to: CIO, CTO, COO, VP IT, Dir IT, Revenue Cycle, Physician Leaders, Nursing Leaders and other representatives across Clinical, Operational, Technical or Financial leadership.

What does the Provider Connect experience include?

All-access to the full event experience at ViVE including all sessions, show floor, networking events, provided meals and receptions, and highly strategic relationship building. Provider Connect brings personalized solutions to you. The program offers a unique and customized experience, including meticulously curated meetings based on role, organization type, and professional goals.  

Refer the program to your colleagues to ensure collaboration when assessing innovative solutions and making crucial investment decisions for your organization.

Participate as a Sponsor and meet with leading Providers!

Step into the future of healthcare innovation and join the most efficient, targeted, and results-driven way to captivate your target customers.

Secure Your Meeting Package today! Complete the sponsor inquiry form and select Provider/Payer Connect to express your interest.

Why should I participate?


Strategic Matching

The ViVE Provider Connect Program provides AI-based matchmaking that helps you efficiently source new vendors and solutions, identify new technologies, and engage in strategic conversations through high impact meetings.


Complimentary Ticket

Designed for senior executives and decision makers who are active stakeholders in evaluating the latest solutions, this opportunity offers you a complimentary ticket to ViVE in exchange for dedicating a few hours of your time over the course of the event. Overachiever? Take 12 or more meetings and we'll reward you with a $750 travel reimbursement following the event.


We Value Your Time

You’ll accomplish a month's worth of meetings in only a couple of days while building a solid procurement strategy. Spend a few hours meeting with innovative technology solutions and enjoy the rest of your time exploring and networking at ViVE.


Strategic Matching

The ViVE Provider Connect Program provides AI-based matchmaking that helps you accelerate matches with potential customers – focusing on their specific needs – and helps you engage in strategic conversations through high impact meetings with key influencers and decision makers.


Connect with Potential Customers

As a sponsor at ViVE, you have the solution and the participants representing leading Provider organizations have the need. Let the AI-matchmaking technology cut through the clutter and facilitate relevant, meaningful connections.


Drive Measurable ROI

Gain unfiltered access to digital health buyers at leading healthcare systems, so you can build your sales pipeline while reducing your customer acquisition cost.

How can I get involved?

If you are a Provider:

(Terms & Conditions)

  1. Apply to participate in the Provider Connect Program

  2. If accepted, complete your profile

  3. When the platform goes live, review participating companies and their solutions

  4. Request and accept meetings at the times that work for you

  5. Show up at your scheduled times and engage in high-value conversations

  6. Take the minimum 8 meetings required and you’re good to go!

  7. Feeling ambitious? Take 12 or more meetings and receive a $750 payment post-event towards travel costs

  8. Access the Provider and Payer Connect Lounge during ViVE for meetings, coffee, light foods and quiet time

Cancellation Policy: If you become unable to participate in the program, you may cancel your registration without penalty before January 30, 2024 at 5pm ET. Cancellation requests must be received in writing to Any participant canceling after this deadline, or failing to show for a scheduled meeting, will not be permitted to participate in this program in future events.

If you are a Sponsor:

  1. Contact our sales team to purchase meetings in packs of 5 (must be an add-on to a booth or meeting space)

  2. Complete your company profile

  3. When the platform goes live, review participating Provider participants

  4. Request and accept meetings at the times that work for you

  5. Show up at your scheduled times and engage in high-value conversations

What happens behind the scenes?

ViVE’s matchmaking platform is designed to adequately pair qualified decision makers with sponsors based on relevant interest and business needs.

AI Technology

The platform uses AI technology to offer a personalized event experience by enabling participants to choose whom they wish to meet.

Double Opt-In

Meetings are only scheduled when both parties mutually agree to the meeting. Participants send and accept meeting requests within the matchmaking platform. We don’t engage in one sided conversations!

Exclusive Access

Approximately 3 weeks before the event, participants will gain exclusive access to the Provider Connect Platform to view participating sponsors and decision makers.

Finalize Schedule

Participants will finalize their schedule in advance with mutually agreed-up on meetings.


  • Monday and Tuesday

  • 10:00am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm PT

  • Provider Connect Lounge on the Show Floor

All meetings are based on a mutual, double opt-in matchmaking process and as a Provider Connect participant, you will schedule your own meetings within the matchmaking platform. Participants receive an email weeks before the event with log-in information to gain exclusive access to the ViVE Provider Connect Platform. Simply indicate your availability and select which types of technology you are interested in and our AI technology will generate suggested business partners for you to accept or decline the offer to meet.

January 31

Platform launches. Schedule meetings via a double opt-in matchmaking process by sending/accepting requests

January 31 - February 23

Schedule your 1:1 meetings

February 9

Program closes for new applications

February 23

Meeting schedules are finalized

February 26 and 27

Live networking begins!

Snapshot of 2023 Participants

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