Who Attends?

The WHO'S WHO of the digital health tech world will convene in Nashville on February 16 - 19, 2025 to attend ViVE, the go to destination where digital healthcare execs get business done. ViVE focuses on effective networking, gaining market insights, and maximizing ROI for each and every event participant.

Attend for FREE: Qualified decision makers are eligible to receive a complimentary pass as a participant in the Provider & Payer Connect Programs. Learn more: For Providers | For Payers

Who will be there?


  • C-suite executives, decision makers, and purchasing influencers

  • Hospital systems and healthcare providers

  • Payers and health plans

  • Cybersecurity, informatics, and interoperability leaders

  • Health tech startup executives

  • Leading investors and venture capital firms

  • Government agencies and public health leaders

  • Patient care executives

  • Patients, patient advocates, nursing community and more!

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Attendee Breakdown


As a digital health executive, you have a lot of problems you’re trying to tackle in an effort to move healthcare forward at your organization to improve and protect patient care.

As your trusted partner, CHIME, AEHIS, AEHIT, and AEHADA are committed to helping you both efficiently identify your challenges, and more importantly, find solutions to help you solve them.

Healthcare Provider

As a clinician leader, you are on a mission to discover digital pathways to complement human interventions, enable efficient and better quality care delivery, increase adoption, and reduce risks and administrative burdens at your hospital or health system.

If you are a C-Suite executive responsible for modernizing operations and managing costs, or a nurse practitioner on the frontlines caring for patients, you know that in healthcare the stakes are high, and the barriers are many. Traditional business and care models are unsustainable and you come to ViVE as the ONE place to find solutions to help guide your digital transformation.


Working closely with healthcare providers, you are looking for the most cost-effective technologies and digital health applications to engage with members through a variety of channels at any point of their healthcare journey. You are also leveraging digital tools to enhance operations such as claims processing, fraud detection, and risk adjustments.

With volumes of sensitive health data being collected and processed, you are often tasked with bolstering cybersecurity measures, improving data governance frameworks, and gathering data insights for improved service delivery.

Health IT Security

Whether you are a Chief Information Security Officer, in a payer or provider compliance department, or developing security software, you understand the high impact of cyber security and that the landscape is constantly changing.

Networking with others in the industry helps you proactively manage risk, ensure your strategy includes the latest solutions for data integrity and prepare your organization for prevention, detection, and response capabilities. Come away better positioned to improve outcomes, avoid financially catastrophic outages, and secure your clinical data for crucial innovation. 


You are transforming the industry using powerful technologies to create products and services that are shaking up healthcare and benefiting patients.

There’s no better place to find a community of other industry disruptors, connect directly with hospitals, health systems, patients, payers and other digital health influencers to understand their challenges, hear different perspectives, and evaluate new product opportunities.


Expectations for return on investment have risen and the demand for solid value propositions, clinical evidence, proof of traction and scalability is growing. You are seeking to diversify your portfolios and expand your focus on digital startups with durable business models that can withstand economic headwinds and still yield returns over a longer time horizon.

You are here to meet entrepreneurs offering innovative applications for integrating and streamlining care, boosting financial outcomes, and improving operational efficiency and effectiveness.


As a governmental department head, policy analyst, or public health champion, you are dedicated to improving the tools available to healthcare payers and providers.

Your mission is to know how public and private sector initiatives can come together to improve the health and well-being of our communities. 

Engaging with today's healthcare leaders and innovators is critical for understanding complex and evolving care delivery and ViVE is a powerful place to do exactly that by learning about and receiving feedback from standards developers, solutions providers, and executives from payer and provider organizations.  


Health information exchange fuels better healthcare and you are always on the lookout for the best way to get the right data into the right hands at the right time. You’re building bridges through interoperability and data and striving to break down the silos in healthcare to enable personalized, affordable and accessible care with improved patient outcomes.

Whether you are refactoring legacy systems, scouting out the latest standards for FHIR APIs as a provider, or working on your plan for national regulations like TEFCA and other HHS Interoperability rules, the VIVE community supports you! 

Health Technology Solution

As a healthcare technology company, you have a solution for decision makers from healthcare systems that can generate growth, create opportunities, and mitigate risk.

Having a presence at ViVE gives you access to digital health buyers at leading healthcare systems through the Provider and Payer Connect Programs and a myriad of sponsorship opportunities designed to get you in front of your target audience.

Just a snapshot of titles who will be at ViVE 2024

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Medical Information Officers

  • Chief Nursing Information Officers

  • Chief Digital/Transformation Officers

  • Chief Information Security Officers

  • Chief Innovation Officers

  • Chief Health/Public Health Officers

  • Chief Growth Officers

  • Chief Strategy Officers

  • SVPs and VPs responsible for product/service line sales and marketing, business development, data analytics and more.

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