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The ambition is large, the stakes are high, and the barriers are many. Demand for digital care has skyrocketed and the unsustainability of the industry's digital-averse business models have been exposed. You are on a mission to make healthcare truly digitally enabled. ViVE is your catalyst to help lead through the unprecedented challenges the industry faces. The future for hospital system and health providers is uncertain, but the conversation on how to shape it will be happening at ViVE.

Agenda Themes Curated For You: Talent, Retention, and Development | Earning Consumer Loyalty | Creating, Moving, Consuming, and Acting on Human Data | Techquity as the Solution to an Unintended Future

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Join us at ViVE—an energetic event experience for healthcare leaders eager to heighten their skills, collaborate with peers, and add the latest hospital operations solutions to their healthcare provider leadership toolbox.

Find programming that address your focus area:

  • Finance and operations

  • Legal affairs

  • Facility planning

  • Workforce and employment

  • Medical records

  • And more

Plus, mingle with top healthcare provider executives that share your challenges and can help you solve problems in healthcare operations


Join the NEW PLACE to do business in healthcare IT.


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ViVE offers a unique, ViVE-acious networking experience where you can truly connect with healthcare provider operations executives and leaders like you. Find your community at ViVE!


Senior Leadership

ViVE offers a unique, ViVE-acious networking experience where you can truly connect with healthcare provider operations executives and leaders like you. Find your community at ViVE!


Expert Speakers

ViVE only hosts expert speakers with something tangible to offer our audience of top healthcare provider executives. Our speakers are real-world healthcare executives. They offer tips and tricks, problem-solving solutions, strategies, and resources for up-and-coming and seasoned leaders alike. Learn from the best!

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Expect to see the following leaders at ViVE:

Chief Executive Officers | Chief Operations Officers | Chief Administrative Officers | Chief Financial Officers | Chief Strategy Officers | Chief Growth Officers | Chief Marketing Officers | Chief Compliance Officers | Chief Learning Officers | Chief Quality Officers General Counsel | VPs of Research | VPs of Network Development and Affiliations | Executive Vice Presidents for Business Affairs | VPs, Ancillary Services | VPs of Operations, VPs of Human Resources, VPs of Facility Planning, VPs of Facilities Management | VPs of Acquisitions | VPs of Strategic Partnerships | Chief Accounting Officers | VPs of Accounting | VPs of Financial Services | VPs of Support Center Services | VPs of Purchasing, Finance Manager | VPs of Recruitment | VPs of Employee Relations | VPs of Staff Safety | VPs of Compliance | VPs of Staff Safety | VPs of Staff Training and Development


Make Healthcare Easy on Me

You’ve heard it said, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” On average, patients spend 123 minutes getting medical care, and this time burden is 25-28% longer for racial/ethnic minorities and unemployed individuals. Navigating the complex healthcare system can be overwhelming especially when you or someone you love needs care. With consumers being most concerned with convenience, cost, and reputation, how is the industry responding? More and more, real-time resolution (RTR) technologies are becoming available for the patient journey. Virtual access. AI for personalization. Portals for real-time medical information. Mobile apps. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Will the future offer an aggregated point solution to the healthcare consumer - a Kayak of healthcare?

Monday | March 27th

10:30 AM — 11:15 AM CDT

Country Stage, Show Floor

Digital-First: Live and Let Die

More and more, consumers are demanding digital health solutions and the well is primed. For example, 25% of Gen Z’ers are using food, water, fitness and sleep trackers; the FDA has communicated its regulatory “enablement” goal for development of low-risk, helpful technologies; and providers are enhancing patient experiences by adding common tech gear to their care delivery toolbox. Moving to a digital-first future is taking the industry by storm, and Chief Digital Officers are at the forefront. Simply put, we are in a digital live and let die era. Development of a transformation roadmap and innovation-focused culture by digital executives will shape the future of healthcare. ViVE presents a panel of digital leaders to discuss how they are responding to tech disruptors and leveraging technology to align with strategic priorities, while also dealing with internal struggles brought on by growing workforce shortages.

Monday | March 27th

11:30 AM — 12:15 AM CDT

Hip Hop Stage, Show Floor

Bringing Together a Frictionless Care Community

Navigating the care continuum these days can result in white-coat syndrome for patients and providers alike. Healthcare is often fraught with stress, anxiety, and frustration - in other words friction. Ideally, the patient journey would be free of problems and delays, transparent, and engaging beyond the four walls of a single organization. Consumers have countless UX-optimized apps and websites for shopping, gaming, finances, and communication. They are seeking seamless integration throughout their care community for a cohesive platform experience, as well. Meet this panel of CHIME experts as they discuss digital successes and the opportunity to unify capabilities and aggregate data for a harmonized care journey.

Monday | March 27th

3:15 PM — 4:00 PM CDT

Classics Stage, Show Floor

Addressing People Shortages: Technologically Inclined Workflows

Leaders today are faced with the options of doing more individually or being more as a leader of a high-performing team when solving the workforce challenges in health IT. Yet the war for talent ensues as 47% of healthcare leaders cite training costs as a lead disrupter of performance, and 33% acknowledged disruption due to lack of skill. With hospital executives facing turnover and a shortage of skilled talent, staying resilient and optimistic impedes plans for progress. This carefully curated panel of CHIME members will come at workforce challenges from all angles, domestically and globally, including attracting/retaining talent, training, re-engineering through technology, administrative automation, outsourcing, and appropriate projection of future needs.

Tuesday | March 28th

11:30 AM — 12:15 PM CDT

Classics Stage, Show Floor

It’s About Damn Time for New Payment Models

In most industries, you get what you pay for. Consumers have full transparency into the cost of an item or service and the benefits they’ll reap from purchasing at the higher and lower end of the spectrum. Healthcare is different. High cost services often do not lead to high end outcomes, further health consumers have little purview into the true value of services rendered. The value-based care movement was born out of the realization that our standard transaction-based, fee-for-service payment model is outdated and unsuccessful, but sweeping adoption of an alternative model has not occurred. Join value-based care experts to review specific use cases where new models are showing real promise and their perspective on the rocky path ahead for industry-wide adoption.

Tuesday | March 28th

3:15 PM — 4:00 PM CDT

Hip Hop Stage, Show Floor

Healthcare M&A: Only Fools Rush In

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant change, driven by a combination of technological innovations, regulatory shifts, rising cost of capital, higher interest rates, and more. As a result, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in healthcare is also shifting, leading to more consolidation and acquisitions of innovative startups and technologies to stay competitive. The healthcare sector is also facing increased pressure to lower costs and improve efficiency, which can be achieved through larger scale operations resulting from mergers and acquisitions. What are the key drivers? Listen to these experts discuss the complex future of healthcare M&A and deliberate how to value deals given the macroeconomic headwinds.

Tuesday | March 28th

4:15 PM — 5:00 PM CDT

Country Stage, Show Floor


ViVE 2023 speakers are luminaries from both private and public sectors within the Healthcare IT space.


"Great to see so many healthcare industry executive leaders at the CHIME + HLTH ViVE conference in Miami. The group is truly building a better healthcare IT industry for the betterment of the patient we all serve."

Jim Sullivan

Consulting Partner

"The atmosphere at ViVE was full of energy, hope, and great enthusiasm for the idea that working collaboratively, healthcare’s big problems can be fixed. There was definitely a feeling that all of us – including providers, vendors, and the investment community – are in this together, and collectively we can innovate to figure out healthcare’s complex challenges."

James Aita

Director of Strategy and Business Development, Medicomp Systems

"The energy at ViVE was contagious as executives, health systems, large companies, and small start-ups came together to drive innovation."

Danielle Grasso

Senior Project Manager of Patient Experience, Force Therapeutics


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