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Securing healthcare data requires all of us working together to end attacks, breaches and outages—intentional and unintentional. Come be a part of the solution at the Cybersecurity Pavilion at ViVE!

The Cybersecurity Pavilion at ViVE 2023 powered by AEHIS is designed to be THE place where cybersecurity issues in healthcare from around the globe can be examined, dissected, and tackled—together. Come prepared to discuss common problems, learn from unique perspectives, and analyze budding solutions.

This is the place where healthcare providers, solutions providers, and other industry experts work hand-in-hand to secure healthcare!

What to Expect at the Pavilion

The Pavilion hosts a broad spectrum of experts from across healthcare security ranging from CISOs and industry experts to government (HHS 405(d)) officials and organizations dedicated to serving the sector such as the Health-ISAC. These participants have been carefully selected and organized by AEHIS to lead attendees into honest and productive conversations about healthcare security.  By allowing providers, suppliers, industry leaders, and other sector partners  to participate—no matter how they intersect with cybersecurity in healthcare—we can start those much-needed conversations with colleagues and experts.

The Cybersecurity Pavilion has been designed with the intent of helping you build your network and develop relationships that are sure to continue even after you leave the Pavilion and ViVE 2023.

At the Pavilion you will find...

Industry leaders sharing experiences, successes, and failures from the Cybersecurity Pavilion stage!

A showcase of cybersecurity technology providers and their products and services for all business needs.

The opportunity to meet the experts in one-to-one meetups!

*New This Year*

Book Signings From Two Leading Industry Experts: Ed Marx and Sherri Douville!

Mon. & Tues., March 27 & 28 | 4:30 - 6 PM | Pavilion 2250

Drop by the Cybersecurity Pavilion for a meet and greet plus book signing with two of the top minds in cybersecurity and health IT who authored Voices of Innovation, Mobile Medicine, and the highly anticipated new Advanced Health Technology!

Ed and Sherri will be at the Pavilion to sign books and brainstorm the best ways to build security into healthcare and healthcare innovation. Copies of these books will be available at the Pavilion.

Trending Topics Being Covered at the Cybersecurity Pavilion

✔️ Zero Trust: You Can Do It, Too! 

✔️ Security: The Key to Digital Transformation 

✔️ Where Security Starts: Asset Management 

✔️ Patch Management Is Not Just Something You Should Do:  It’s the Law Now 

✔️ Access Soup: IAM/MFA/PIM/PAM

✔️ Backup and Recovery in the Age of Ransomware

✔️ The FDA:  What Big Teeth You Have Now!

✔️ Risk Management: It’s Not Your Father’s Risk Assessment

✔️ MVS: Minimum Viable Security

✔️ Where Security Ends: Patient Care

Position your organization as a thought leader around these important topics, build brand visibility at the industry’s most strategic healthcare technology conference and forge long-lasting relationships.

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