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As healthcare marches toward full digitization, integrating health equity considerations into technology and data practices - or techquity - is increasingly important to reducing outcomes disparities and systemic inequities. The practice of techquity is also essential to diversifying innovation, developing a representative workforce and equitable employment policies, which in turn will result in a healthcare system that works better for everyone.


Meet us at the Techquity Stage for a convening of healthcare’s brightest leaders, with big ideas and new knowledge on topics such as designing for health and tech literacy, addressing health disparities through technology, workforce equity and wellness, patient trust, and equitable use of data.

Techquity Impact Pavilion

Located in the center of the ViVE show floor, the Techquity Impact Pavilion features on-point, mission-driven content, take-action exhibits from the HLTH Foundation and networking opportunities to help attendees take full advantage of technology’s promise: equitable, efficient and effective healthcare.


✔️ Techquity Stage: THE place for all content on designing and deploying technology to advance health equity

✔️ CSweetener: A HLTH Foundation program providing mentorship for women and non-binary people in mid-senior level roles in healthcare for growth in their careers

✔️ Techquity for Health Coalition: Convened by the HLTH Foundation, the Coalition monitors and develops standards, best practices, and consistent measures for techquity

✔️ Affinity Meetups: Expand your network and be in community with our affinity partners—non-profit organizations promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare

Program Sponsors

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Techquity for Health Coalition

The HLTH Foundation, together with strategic partner Ipsos Healthcare and a group of dedicated healthcare partners, has launched the Techquity for Health Coalition. The Coalition evolved out of enthusiasm for the promise of digitization to democratize care access and more effectively address health disparities, and concern that failure to integrate a techquity practice into healthcare could lead to entrenchment of systemic inequities. It will focus on establishing this practice and monitoring industry progress through research.

The Coalition is conducting a benchmark survey exploring techquity in healthcare and will release initial results at ViVE 2023.

The Techquity for Health survey is open until April 15, 2023

Coalition Supporters

Techquity for Health Advisory Committee

Ricky Y. Choi, MD, MPH, Stanford University School of Medicine

John Cordier, MBA, MHA, Epistemix

Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA, Enlightening Results, LLC

Theresa Demeter, MHA, Tegria

Jaime Dictenberg, EmpiRx Health

Lisa Esch, NTT DATA Services

Amy Green, PhD, Hopelab

Raj Gorla, UST/Contineo Health

William Flanagan, MBA, VSP Global Innovation Center

Burgess Harrison, MBA, National Minority Health Association

Tanisha D. Hill, MPH, Digital Health for Equitable Health Alliance

Rowland Illing, DM, MRCS, FRCR, Amazon Web Services

Aletha Maybank, MD, MPH, American Medical Association

Pooja Mittal, DO, Health Net

Carlos M. Nunez, MD, ResMed

Lorren Pettit, MS, MBA, CHIME

Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP

Maya R. Said, ScD, Outcomes4Me

Andrea Werner, MSW, Bellin Health and Gundersen Health System

Techquity Research and Resources

Path to Techquity

White Paper

March 2023

Hear from Patients on

Health Technology

March 2023

Techquity Agenda

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