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Deep-dive programs offering immersive discussions on the issues top-of-mind for providers, payers and physician and nurse leaders transforming healthcare.

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Sunday, February 25

1:00pm – 3:00pm

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Learn about the latest regulatory changes, evolving care models and new solutions for transforming the member experience, optimizing data insights, minimizing costs, and expanding access to care.

Sessions include:

Navigating the Prior Authorization Landscape

Prior authorization plays a crucial role in ensuring appropriate and cost-effective utilization of medical services. This discussion will focus on the intricate landscape of prior authorization in healthcare and will explore current challenges, policies, trends, and potential collaborative solutions that are enabling improvements in efficiency, patient care, and overall healthcare outcomes.

The Future of Payment Innovation

As the healthcare industry adapts to the Transparency in Coverage rule, there's a growing focus on revolutionizing payment systems. Learn about the evolving healthcare payment landscape including the latest compliance requirements for cost-sharing data disclosure and broader implications for payment accuracy, efficiency and innovation. Delve into how health plans are navigating these changes, tackling data sharing complexities, and leveraging AI to transform payment models.

Transforming Healthcare with Digital Tools and Artificial Intelligence

Innovative technologies are not only improving health outcomes but also enhancing patient satisfaction and engagement in health care. Hear about strategies and success stories surrounding the integration of digital tools and artificial intelligence (AI) within health plans. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge approaches, challenges, and opportunities that arise when health plans leverage the power of digital transformation and AI to create a more patient-centric and effective healthcare ecosystem.

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Sunday, February 25

3:30pm – 5:30pm

As part of the NEW Nurses @ ViVE initiative, explore the latest nurse-led innovations and care team collaborations that are transforming delivery, enabling more efficient care, and supporting our clinical workforce to improve patient health.

Sessions include:

Cultivating Nurse-led Innovation

Explore innovative solutions from pioneering nurses to enhance healthcare, focusing on supporting nurse entrepreneurs amidst regulatory and financial challenges. Discuss strategies for fostering an innovation-friendly culture, motivating healthcare leadership to provide essential support for nurses, and navigating infrastructure gaps through partnerships with academic institutions and healthcare stakeholders.

Unburdening Nurses: Innovations in Administrative Efficiency

Join us in exploring methods to alleviate administrative burdens for nurses to enhance patient care. Panelists will tackle challenges, present innovative strategies and technologies, and emphasize best practices for streamlining administrative tasks and improving workflow efficiency. Benefit from valuable insights as nurse leaders discuss how reducing these burdens leads to higher nurse satisfaction and improved health outcomes.

Nurses and the Future of Work: Training to Meet Evolving Demands

In a dynamic healthcare landscape, this panel will explore strategies for effectively training nurses to meet modern demands. Focusing on challenges and opportunities in nursing education, discussions center on innovative approaches to prepare nurses for evolving roles. Panelists will discuss streamlining training to produce skilled, adaptable, and resilient nurses, aiming to reshape education for future demands and ensure high-quality care in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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Transformative Health Leaders

Monday, February 26

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Hear from influential physician and nurse executives who are leveraging their leadership roles within business and in healthcare to advance digital innovation, trust, and well-being in the workplace and our communities

Re-Establishing Trust in Healthcare: A Leadership Imperative

Trust is a cornerstone of effective healthcare, but patient and public trust in health systems is under strain. Healthcare executives play a vital role in rebuilding this trust. Leaders from various healthcare settings will discuss strategies for transparent communication, patient engagement, and community outreach. Hear how ethical decision-making, consistent quality care, and addressing health disparities contribute to restoring trust. Learn how to foster a culture of trust and transparency within your organization, crucial for long-term patient and community relationships.

Navigating Digital Transformation and AI in Healthcare

Leaders at the forefront of digital transformation must understand and set realistic expectations about the capabilities and limitations of cutting-edge technology in healthcare. Explore how digital tools, including AI, are revolutionizing care delivery and can alleviate burnout, improve patient outcomes, and streamline operational processes. Dive into the latest strategies for integrating technology into healthcare settings, managing digital change, and leading teams through technological shifts. Gain insights into current digital trends, equipped with the knowledge to distinguish between the myths and realities of AI and its potential in healthcare’s digital transformation.

Service Design: Building Scaled Solutions Through Collaboration

By focusing on the end-to-end experience of both patients and healthcare professionals, service design aims to create more efficient, effective, and user-friendly healthcare. Creating and scaling impactful healthcare services and solutions demands collaboration. Learn strategies for building effective interdisciplinary teams, fostering communication and understanding across various roles, and best practices for collaborative problem-solving. Gain insights into overcoming silos, enhancing team cohesion, and leading collaboratively for improved healthcare outcomes.

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