Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022 | 12:00 AM ET

Solutions S1 Ep7: The Road to Equitable Healthcare - featuring Theresa Demeter of Tegria

Tegria is working towards a goal that benefits everyone: equitable healthcare. In this episode, Theresa Demeter, Managing Director at Tegria, talks about Tegria’s mission to make healthcare more accessible and optimize patient care delivery. She explains how the strategy of existing technology investments improves patient health.

Some of the developments Tegria is working on are EHR systems, virtual care infrastructure, and scheduling, and taking a load off the people who are focused on patient care. Theresa also discusses the benefits of using AI and ML technology and at-home modalities for patient care.

Tune in to this episode to listen about equitable healthcare and the approaches Tegria is taking to achieve it!

About Theresa Demeter:

Theresa Demeter is an entrepreneurial executive administrator with 30 years of healthcare performance and operational experience. In her role as a Managing Director at Tegria, she brings her passion for conceptualizing and implementing innovative solutions that drive quality and performance improvement to optimize patient outcomes. Theresa developed Tegria’s offering that helps healthcare organizations prioritize and operationalize their health equity strategy and mitigate the harmful effects of implicit bias through macro-simulation. 

Prior to joining Tegria, Theresa drove the formation and expansion of InSytu, a national leader in clinical process improvement consulting powered by macro-simulation.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Big Data collection and collaboration from different healthcare organizations can drive patient care accelerations.
  • Tegria offers services to help organizations optimize their EHR’s workflows and proficiency.
  • Regarding home health, Tegria helps healthcare organizations come up with the right-sized customized technologies, tools, and strategies to create their programs.
  • Virtual technologies and tools can upskill providers in remote locations to keep their community better, longer, and safer with more efficient care at a lower cost.
  • AI and ML tools in healthcare seek to improve automation and intelligent decision-making, standardizing patient care and predicting patients that might be coming in.


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