Tuesday, Sep 6, 2022 | 12:00 AM ET

Solutions S1 Ep11: Measure, Manage, Mitigate Cyber Risk - featuring Saket Modi of Safe Security

When it comes to cyber risk, what gets measured gets managed. In this episode, Saket Modi, CEO, and co-founder of Safe Security talks about cybersecurity in healthcare and the importance of quantification and management to ultimately mitigate cyber risks. With the SAFE platform, Saket Modi is working towards Safe Security becoming the de-facto industry standard for cybersecurity, using data science to quantify and predict possible breaches.

He explains how most technology and security leaders fail to communicate risk in the language that the board understands: dollar value impact. SAFE, an API-first platform, analyses companies' cybersecurity data from a predictive perspective, converting data breach and ransomware probability into dollar value and thus justifying the cost of investment to board members in terms they understand. 

Tune in to this episode to listen about where cybersecurity in healthcare is heading with Safe Security!

About Saket Modi:

Saket Modi is the co-founder and CEO of Safe Security, a Cybersecurity and Digital Business Risk Quantification platform company. A computer science engineer by education, he founded Safe Security in 2012 while in his final year of engineering. Incubated in IIT Bombay and backed by Cisco’s former Chairman and CEO John Chambers, Safe Security protects the digital infrastructure of multiple Fortune 500 companies around the world with its cyber risk measurement and mitigation platform called SAFE. Saket is a part of Fortune Magazine’s 40-under-40, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 35-under-35, and Forbes Magazine’s 30-under-30 lists, among others.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Healthcare, the number one cyber-attacked sector globally, has had the highest cost of data breaches in the last 11 consecutive years.
  • The biggest risk of enterprise risk management is not measuring it accurately.
  • Cybersecurity is now a 150-billion industry, growing at over 12% year over year, one of the top five growing digital industries in the world.
  • World Economic Forum said cybersecurity is the number one man-made threat that today worries boardrooms around the world.
  • Safe Security is looking for visionary CIOs and CISOs who can be a part of this journey of defining the industry standard to measure, manage and mitigate cyber risks.


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